Golden Wax (GW) Car Polishing Services has been in the business of polishing and waxing cars in Singapore for over 10 years. With our experience in Singapore, we know what makes a car shiny and brilliant when most other car polishing companies don’t.

Led by a veteran team of professional craftsman, our services are touted to be the best in the East if not the whole of Singapore. Over the years, through trials, research and experience, we have not only discovered, but refined the most effective way to wash, wax, polish and protect your car.

We use the best-of-breed products from around the world on your car. Tools from Europe and the USA, safe compounds from Japan which are all at the cutting-edge of auto-detailing and car care. These tools not only produce the best possible showroom-standard shine and gloss, but the best coating you have probably have encountered.

But don’t take our word for it… come and experience and see for yourself. Start by dropping us a call now.