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Car Grooming Singapore by GW Car Polishing Services … Is very common that when it comes to car grooming, owners of new cars tend to delay the need for that first proper coat or regular car wash, or car grooming. This is because of the fact that they think that their cars are fine and that new cars are far easier to keep clean in comparison to older cars. Car Grooming Singapore by GW advises owners of new cars, be it from second-hand car dealers or car agents, to remember to go for car grooming early and then often.  They must remember that their car needs constant washing and care, so that it can stay in showroom or tip-top shape! Don’t be that owner of a new car who will delay and procrastinate over the time between washes as well as waxing and polishing the vehicle.

Car Grooming Singapore – Cars with poor grooming | Choosing a right car grooming company

Many owners on the other hand are also too busy to wash or clean their car and as a result the car loses its shine and starts to look old, covered with lots of water spots, scuff marks as well as scratches. Car Grooming Singapore also seen many cars that are also muddy, dusty and covered with lots of bird droppings too. As cars are expensive in Singapore, investing in a good car grooming package with a reputable company is certainly worth it, especially when you receive praises for your shiny car after your car grooming session! Is car washing and polishing always a chore for you? Why don’t you leave it to the hands of the expert – we have a range of top quality products that we use here at Car Grooming Singapore by GW.

Car Grooming Singapore -Car Grooming Services provided by GW Car Polishing Services

Car Grooming Singapore provide the following Car grooming services:


  • Hand washing exterior
  • Shampoo wash
  • Tyre and rim wash


  • To remove light acid rain, industrial fallout, water spotting
  • Makes waxing easier

Interior grooming

  • Vacuum interior
  • Upholstery foam scrubbing
  • Eliminate dust
  • Leather care intensive cleaning
  • Leather seats conditioning
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Dashboard/side door intensive care and conditioning

Polishing and Paint Protection System

  • Hand and machine polishing
  • Polishing of paintwork, paint treatment and correction
  • Remove minor car scratches, water-marks, coarse swirl marks, bird dropping marks, paint spots, sand blasting particles & paint touch-up due to chips


  • Hand and machine buffing
  • Extra shine on paintwork

Other services

  • Rim and tyre shine
  • Vinyl and runner shine
  • Headlight cleaning
  • Side door panel cleaning

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