Car Paint Protection

Car paint protection is essential for a humid and tropical climate like Singapore. This is especially true for all new cars. You may think that having a new car, the manufacturer would have done all that was necessary to protect your paint – but this isn’t necessarily true. As the owner of your new car, you would want to ensure that your car has the best possible paint protection available.

GW’s Car Paint Protection system is brilliant as it maintains the look of a new car, and in most cases, make it look better than it ever did.  See the photo below as it illustrates how the GW Car Paint Protection system (with Crystal Coat) does a fantastic job on new and old cars’ paint work while giving it the crystal polish finish that drivers crave for.

Car Paint Protection for Singapore

car paint protection

Car Paint Protection makes a difference


Car Paint Protection – The Problems

There are many other car paint protection systems available in Singapore, and the choices can be confusing as they are varied in their offerings and promises. Most of the promises these car paint protection systems carry come from the manufacturers of these car paint protection systems which come from big-brand companies in the USA and  Europe. Nothing wrong there except that you have to ask yourself these two very important questions:

Is the car paint protection system good enough for a professional finish?

Yes, your car polisher may offer you a car paint protection or polishing package by saying that they are using well-known consumer brands from the USA and Europe. But wait a minute, how professional is that when you can buy the same products off-the-shelf at the supermarket? Are you certain that you will get a professional finish? And even if it looks great at the end – how long will that polish or protection last. Think about it, professional car protection = supermarket products?

GW utilises the car paint protection system from SENSHA, Japan’s leading professional car paint polishing and protection brand. It is known for the quality of their products and is second-to-none when it comes to beatifying and protecting your car at a professional level.

Is the car paint protection system right for Singapore’s climate?

Think about it. Made in the USA and Europe – the car paint protection systems are tested there as well. Do they have the same climate and environment as Singapore? I think not. So, will it work just as well for  Singapore’s climate? What do you think?  Most service providers blindly promise the manufacturers’ marketing spiel to their unknowing clients without knowing themselves how good (to a limited extent) their car paint protection systems are.

GW’s car paint protection system from SENSHA is specially formulated for the tropical and humid climate in Singapore. Simply put, it delivers what is promises as a professional level car paint protection system for Singapore.

What should you do now?

Contact GW now to make things right for your car. You have spent thousands of dollars on your car, so spend wisely to protect it and to keep it beautiful for years to come. Car paint protection systems by GW comes with an entire suite of value-add services, contact us to learn more about them.