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Car Polish Singapore by GW Car Polishing Services provides car polishing services. A common question that we at Car Polish Singapore recieve is How often do I need to polish my car to maintain that showroom shine and keep it in tip top condition? The answer to this Car Polish Singapore favourite question will very much depend on the following factors like where you park your car, whether it is in the open or in the shade (could be exposed to twigs and leaves that could cause scratches and causes stains to form) and whether there are any bird droppings on your car paint surface.

Car Polish Singapore – GW Car Polishing Services Customer Testimonial

Some of Car Polish Singapore customers say this about us: “I feel that it is best to invest the money to a professional car polishing. My friend signed up for a polishing package at another company at the shopping centre and they botched up the whole car paint job. Under the fluorescent light, you can see a lot of swirls. Car Polish Singapore (GW Car Polishing Services) is professional and I am very happy with the level of service given to me by them. I will definitely recommend Car Polish Singapore (GW Car Polishing Services)  to all my friends and business associates! ” – K.H. Lim owner of Toyota Wish

Car Polish Singapore – Types of Car Polish Services

Car polishing is the process whereby the car surface is made smooth and shiny due to a chemical activity or rubbing with abrasives (car polish). We use the hand polish method and hand held polishing tool method which is commonly known as ‘machine polishing’ method.  Car Polish Singapore only use the proper equipment for your car polish job, which will not cause any harm to your car’s paint job but will instead protect the car’s paint job. At Car Polish Singapore, we are the professional car polish people! Once you bring your car in for car polishing, our staff will look at your car’s existing condition and then recommend the type or car polish service you need. There are 2 types of car polish service that Car Polish Singapore offer and they are:

  • Maintenance Car Polish: This is the regular maintenance car polish for any car so that the car’s surface remain protected against weather (sun and rain) as well as nature elements like leaves, twigs and branches that could cause scratches, stain marks or could even peel off some of the car’s paintwork.
  • Comprehensive Car polish: You might want to consider to take up our comprehensive car polishing service,  in which we will protect your car’s exterior with a coating of wax, clean the carpets inside the car and the interior will be Air tooled, cleaned and dressed. The following service is included as part of the comprehensive car polishing package:
    1.     Car Exterior – Exterior Wash
    2.     Tire Wash and Shine
    3.     Exterior Machine Polish
    4.     Interior Areas – Cleaned using Using Air Tools
    5.     Dashboard & Console – Cleaned and Dressed
    6.     Carpets and Mats – Vacuumed
    7.     Cleans and Freshens Carpets & Mats
    8.     Removes Deep Embedded Dirt

Car Polish Singapore – Car Polish Vs Car Waxing

Car Polish Singapore seek to clarify a common misunderstood term – Car Polishing.  Car Polishing is not waxing because with polishing you must work the polish in and break down the abrasives in order for it to work effectively. This is done by using friction and/or heat. Whereas with waxing, you are applying a layer of protection on top of the paint, so there is no need to work the wax in. When a polish is worked in properly it will either round the edges of the scratches/swirls stopping the light from reflecting off of it or remove a minute layer of paint where the imperfection was. The amount of paint that is removed depend on the aggressiveness of the polish, pad and machine used. Car Polish Singapore have very experienced staff that handles the car polish process, thereby giving out customers a very effective outcome – a shiny car after a good car polish is often achieved with Car Polish Singapore by GW Car Polishing Services.

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