Pro Interior Cleaning Formula [Sensha's Room Clean]

ROOM CLEAN 400ml x1 one bottle
(approx 40 seat)
Manual x1


Batch Information
Application: dedicated cleaner for cloth and plastic part
Capacity: 400ml
Liquid: Alkaline
Ingredients: Non-ionic surfactant, inorganic salts, chelating agents, water

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Product Description

Specially formulated and dedicated car interior cleaner. This pro-grade is an all-time favourite by pro car detailers in Japan.

The professional’s cleaning formula

This dedicated product is a very reliable product and is being used in the car pro shops. It cleans off almost everything from organic dirt, marks, and even stubborn stains from tobacco. It is also very effective on juice, food spills, and even vomit.

This special formula has a superior anti-bactericidal effect and removes allergens such as mites and mold. If you have young children, this product is something that you should really consider in getting.

You will be amazed at the amount on conaiminants your car interior can collect. See the following photos and be convinced:
Example 1: Contamination of dirt and dust on the interior door panel

Test the half of the position with tape.

Testing to be done on half the door

You are removing the dirt only the right half.

The difference: only the right side cleaned

Example 2:For tabacco tar or dirt caked on the ceiling

Wipe lightly with "ROOM CLEAN"

Wipe lightly with product

The place on the right part has been wiped off.

The difference: clearly seen in clean area

Not easy to identify the dirt before apply.

It may not look dirty or contaminated

There can be surprisingly dirty on it when wiping.

See what happens after a wipe?

Many parts of the car interior are made up of fabric or weaved materials. This specially formulated product does wonders on weaves, cloths, fabrics and leaves them clean, fresh and light.

Use this product with confidence as it contains strong alkaline cleaning agents and softeners.

Introducing of utilization

“ROOM CLEAN” is possible to be used in a wide range of applications as the name.

←Steering Wheel
←Panel near the car navigation system, such as air conditioning

↓Door panels
↓Near the center console

This product should not be used with leather – Use Sensha’s Leather Clean instead.
While removing stains on badly deteriorated material, some remnants may occur.
Open windows and doors when using this product. 


This product has been specially formulated in Japan and is enhanced and tested for Singapore’s tropical climate. Previously used only by professional car care shops or car dealers, this is now made available to you.

How to use

Spray 3 to 5 times of pushing onto clean moistened towel or cloth to be soaked.

1. Spray 3 to 5 times of pushing onto clean moistened towel or cloth to be soaked.

Wipe lightly rubbing the dirty place.

2. Wipe lightly rubbing the dirty place.

Wipe and rub with another clean moistened towel or cloth on the surface.

3. Wipe and rub with another clean moistened towel or cloth on the surface.

Wipe dry with dry cloth.

4. Wipe dry with dry cloth.