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Golden Wax's Story

Golden Wax (GW) Car Polishing Services in Singapore provide a wide spectrum of car grooming services to cater to every different situation as no two car conditions are alike. We have been delighting our customers for over 20 years, because every time they see their car shine, they feel like they are a proud owner of a new car all over again!

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Our core standard comprehensive polishing service is a correction cum protection service, which tackles water marks and scratches issues on the paint work. Paint correction service for removal of water scales/ etched marks. Paint correction cum restoration work depends largely on the severity of the damage (defects) and some other factors as well.

From our basic hand maintenance grooming service to our standard full comprehensive polishing service, which is your needs? If you require premium bespoke grooming service, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Many of our customers also opt for Crystal Shine – the professional paint protection system from Japan. Crystal Shine is the next generation hybrid coating system that combines glass-based protective coating agents and mirror-finish shine compounds! It is also a super coating which protects your car paint work. You can only get Crystal Shine at Golden Wax Polishing Services and no where else as we are the sole agent for this system in Singapore!


Over the years, we have done many luxury cars like BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguar and more. It has been said that friends of our customers who have seen our finished car works, end up enquiring for our services as well because they are just simply amazed at the shiny cars that their friends now drive after the car polishing service done by Golden Wax Polishing Services.

Golden Wax Polishing Services is the complete car spa for your car!

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