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Car Paint Restoration​​

With the high temperature and humidity in Singapore almost every day of the year, prolonged exposure to the weather (sun and rain) and nature (fallen tree branches and leaves) can cause contaminants to build up over the painted car surface as well as cause tiny little scratches will also be accumulated over a period of time.


Oxidation is also a common problem that cars face as this happens when the oxygen molecules in the air act to remove electrons from the paint resin. In other words the car paint will deteriorate by coming apart or disintegrating over time. This makes the car paint show up as a chalky whitish looking color on the surface of the paint even if the paint was originally some other color besides white. Just to note, white paint will oxidize too but because it’s the same color as the chalky white oxidization you have to look carefully to see it. Oxidized white paint can just look dull when it in fact is oxidized. These will dull a car’s finish. This is why you will need a car paint restoration job – the car paint restoration process removes all the scratches and contiminants on your painted car surface and make it look brand new again.

Restoring the original paint maintains the overall originality of the complete car and adds to the value as long as the resulting finish is acceptable in appearance and represents how the vehicle would look for its age had the paint been properly maintained over the years.

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